Where do your ‘Green Fees’ go?

Macy Holloway

Ever wonder what that $10 Green Fee you paid last year went toward?

The $10 “Green Fee,” or Student Sustainability Fee, was approved by the student body in fall 2012 by a 75 percent majority vote.

Throughout the spring 2014 semester, The Sustainability Fee Committee, made up of eight students, three staff members and one faculty member representative, decided which 12 proposals they would fund for $238,074.25 this fall 2014 semester.

The Award Recipients:

· Assessment of water quality to ensure environmental excellence on GSU’s campus ($15,930)

· New carbon capture technology to reduce the CO2 emissions throughout GSU’s campus ($30,044)

· Solar-Powered service golf carts ($30,425.50)

· The Moth Project ($7,000)

· A look into GSU’s solar energy potential ($31,424.75)

· A portable sustainability exhibit at the Georgia Southern Museum ($7,450)

· LED lighting upgrade for the IT parking lot ($42,000)

· Bicycle repair station at The Union ($2,400)

· Bicycle lane on Forest Drive ($3,700)

· Campus Sustainability Interpretative Signage ($8,500)

· Bicycle parking facility at the Stadium bus stop ($24,800)

· Stormwater Park on Plant and Forest Drive ($34,400)