Macy Holloway

An open forum hosted by the Multicultural Greek Council took place in the Russell Union Theater last night. There were various organizations in attendance including Georgia Southern University’s branch of the NAACP and Southern Activists. A collection of different topics were addressed in relation to the recent happenings in Ferguson, Missouri.

“This is a student lead movement; we can no longer afford to be reactionary,” James “Major” Woodall, President of Southern Activists said. “This isn’t time for ideological debate, this is a time for change and if we become proactive that allows us to make significant progress in this movement.”

Throughout the forum, students expressed their opinions on how minorities are perceived in the United States and possible calls-to-action to encourage change in American culture.

“We’re really trying to effect change because we’re invested in this community and we’re invested in ourselves. If we stand by another day and let another brother or sister die, then we have done ourselves an injustice and done them an injustice,” Woodall said.

Tonight at 6, there will be an open panel discussion in the Education Building hosted by Professor Nathan Palmer of the sociology department. The President of the Georgia chapter of the NAACP, the district attorney, a few local sheriffs and an official representative of the Georgia Southern Police Department will all be in attendance and accepting questions.