How obsessed with Pumpkin Spice Lattes are you?

Jeff Licciardello

The time is here. Next week, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are coming back to Starbucks. In order to help you prepare and get excited about the return of everyone’s favorite fall drink (because don’t lie, we know you love them), I have cultivated the perfect way to diagnose your obsession. You’re welcome.

Check all that apply:

  • You have had a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  • You’ve consumed more than one Pumpkin Spice Latte in one day.
  • You often refer to it as PSL.
  • You can’t wait to hold a PSL and tell people you “just loveeee fall.”
  • Sometimes you feel judged for ordering a PSL but then you remember it’s a seasonal drink so you don’t care what anyone else thinks.
  • You are willing to skip class to get your hands on a PSL.
  • You have a fondness for leggings, scarves and large sweaters.
  • You know that a PSL with a pump of cinnamon dolce is absolute heaven.
  • You feel #blessed because PSLs are coming in early this year.
  • You possibly use grocery/rent money to buy PSLs.
  • Instead of downing shots of tequila, you would rather take sips of a piping hot PSL.
  • While your friends hit the bars, you can be found at Starbucks tearing up a grande PSL and a pumpkin scone.
  • You would sell your soul if it meant you could drink a tall PSL on a brisk, fall morning.
  • You enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving but know the real reason for the season is PSLs.
  • You have already foreseen a major meltdown on the day Starbucks stops carrying PSLs.
  • But you know it’s okay because they might have BOGO PSLs like they did last semester and that in and of itself made the sadness worth it.

If you checked 0-5: You’re one of those Starbucks patrons that rolls their eyes when the person in front of you in line orders a PSL. You don’t need to hate us, just drink your grande cup of Pike Place and be sad.

If you checked 6-11: You’ve dabbled in the PSL world. You probably down white chocolate mochas like water, so this fall you should sit and get to know the warm spice of the PSL. You might actually fall deeply in love.

If you checked 12-16: You have known about the early release of the PSL for a while now. You also know PSL season is the season to take out another student loan because your Gold Card is going to be swiped a lot. The Starbucks staff will probably know you by name (assuming they don’t already), so at least you’ll have something to brag to your friends about.