Registration opens for the Southern Pride Marching Band

Davis Cobb

STATESBORO — The Southern Pride Marching Band is currently open for registration for the 2020 season.

The program, which has more than 200 members and multiple divisions, is now looking for fresh faces to add to its family in the winds, drum line, color guard and majorette divisions.

Once registered, drum line, color guard and majorette applicants will be expected to audition in May, where they will perform a set routine based on what field they have applied to. Video auditions are accepted only if an applicant cannot attend the set audition date.

If an applicant is accepted, they are required to attend a week-long summer camp at the beginning of August, where they will get acquainted with their bandmates and practice together as a band.

Wind players will not have to audition. Instead, they will be given the necessary music and be expected to have it learned and prepared before the camp begins.

There are no restrictions on being a member of the marching band. Those interested in joining may apply regardless of major or year.

“Even if you aren’t a freshman next year,” Daniel Haddad, director of athletic bands, said. “Maybe you’re a sophomore or junior, and you didn’t do it your first couple years, but now you want to consider it — anyone is welcome to out and join us.”

Registration for auditions is currently open, and auditions will begin on May 2 at Hanner Fieldhouse for majorettes, May 16 at Hanner for color guard and May 16 at the Foy Building for drum line. For more information on registration and the auditions, go to

Davis Cobb, The George-Anne News Reporter,