Communication Arts Department has a new home

Photo: Ryan Woodham

Casey Cargle

The Communication Arts Department at Georgia Southern University will have a new place to call home.

“From the looks of my office it’s time to move,” Pam Bourland-Davis, Ph.D., communication arts department chair, said.

The first faculty members who are moving will move on April 30. They are going to be moving a few people each day. The final faculty members to move should move in by May 16.

Newly renovated Sanford Hall off of Sweetheart Circle is to be the new home of the communication arts department. After being in the Hollis Building, where the Military Science Building is, and Veazey Hall the staff is really excited to finally have a permanent home.

“We are all excited because right now we are in kind of a nomadic period. We have our offices in Veazey and a couple classrooms,” Camille Broadway, Ph.D., journalism professor, said. “What this is going to do is allow us to come together and have most of our classes in the same building.”

With all of the communications department being in the same building it is going to bring a sort of synergy to the department and students, Broadway said.

The tour held last Friday had faculty and students from Georgia Southern University as well as the advisory board for the Communication Arts Department. The advisory board is comprised of communication professionals, which include GSU alumni.

“I have been watching the changes over the past couple of years and it’s still exciting for me to go through, but it was really nice to see the advisory board, to see their expressions and I think they really appreciate what the students are going to have access to,” Bourland-Davis said.

Although most of the offices are smaller than what some of the faculty have now, it is going to be more convenient for both faculty and students to interact amongst each other.

The channel nine news team will operate out of the brand new news studio as well as the radio station. Both studios have large glass walls for spectators and producers to look on as broadcasts are being completed. The studios will both be geared up with up-to-date technology and all new LED lights with computer control.

Students and faculty will be up to date with the newest technology for their classrooms as well as their productions.