What is the point of being ladylike anyway?

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  • Lauren Gorla

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Lauren Gorla

I am (proudly) not from the South. I never would have imagined myself living in Georgia for more than a couple of years, but when my dad decided to retire from the Air Force a few years back I found myself stuck smack-dab in the ymiddle of Georgia looking for college options.

Growing up, I never dealt with the ma’ams and sirs that seem to be an everyday staple here. I drank warm unsweetened tea, opened my own door, didn’t make small talk with people in the grocery store and I definitely didn’t use the “y’all” word.

While a few Southern things have worked their way into my life, there is one that I still don’t understand: constantly acting ladylike.

Sure it’s nice to dress well once in awhile and curse words may not always be the best option, but why is it such an expectation for girls to always keep up this prim and proper attitude? This myth of always being perfect is pretty irrational and just plain dumb.

Some of my guy friends have said “That’s not very ladylike” or “Maybe you shouldn’t say that.” Heck, my own mom has called me out for going to eat dinner with my friends in a t-shirt and shorts. But you know what? I really could not care less.

If I don’t want to wear a dress, let me be. If I forget to close my mouth when I burp, let me be. And if I want to drop an f-bomb a few times a day, let me be. If I ever wanted your opinion, then I probably would have asked for it.

Let girls embrace being a little rough around the edges some days. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m certainly not here to serve anyone’s expectations except my own.