Your View- April 29

Braley Garland

Photos by Brandon Warnock

“I’m eight. I look forward to the future so I like try to invest in my grades as much as I can. I’m not saying my grades are good but I am trying my best.”Justin Hewitt, freshman business administration major

“Four. Most of my finals don’t really matter because I have gotten good grades on everything else. I know a lot of people are ready to be home but I don’t know if they are ready for the final.” Shannor Trotty, sophomore computer science major

“It’s kind of like 10 and one. I spend so much time in the library but most of the time I am like ‘why am I here?’ It’s tough. Everybody just wants to do well and get it over.” Shelby Sharer, sophomore chemistry major

“I would say like a five. I am ready to go home but at the same time I am still trying to hang in there. I am pretty confident about my finals, I have been doing good all semester. I feel like a lot of people checked out like two weeks into the semester and only come to class for the tests.” Najah Middleton, junior political science major

“I would say I’m still like a seven. I haven’t completely checked out yet. As for the rest of campus, I think that a lot of students have checked out, but they’re forcing themselves to study.” Mackenzie Cullum, junior psychology major

“Right now it’s like a four, because I’ve got just a bunch of stuff due for my classes, like thirty pages. At this point, I walked into Econ class the other day, and there was a test, and I didn’t even know there was a test that day. They do drop the lowest grade, so I’m okay.” Taylor Tyson, junior writing and linguistics