GS University Police Officer Speaks on Keeping Eagles Safe

Savannah King

Keeping eagles safe was the topic of the Office of Student Activities’ Sold Series workshop held in the Williams Center Wednesday night.

Keeping Eagles Safe was designed to educate students on how to stay safe on campus as well as the resources the campus offers to students. Haley Shutley, a police investigator at the University Police Department and GS graduate student, was the speaker of the event.

Shutley explained the various services the University Police Department offers to students such as Eagle Alerts, Live Safe, Call Boxes, Panic Alarms, Escorts, Unlocks, Jump Starts and Bicycle/Property Registration.

A large point Shutley emphasized is that the University Police Department has no problem helping students, no matter how big or small the issue is. Whether you locked your keys in your car or are in need of an escort late at night, the University Police Department is there to help and make you feel safe.

This workshop also highlighted courses that one can take such as RAD or Rape Aggression Defense which is offered free for students, faculty, and staff. This is a women’s self-defense class that is offered twice a year and is designed to teach, awareness, prevention, risk reduction and risk avoidance while progressing on to the basics of hands-on defense training.

Christina Huynh, a graphic design major with studio arts and mental health minor said, “Even as a veteran and knowing some of these things, this workshop can be informative especially about different programs like RAD.”

Campus carry was another topic of the night. Shutley discussed what exactly campus carry meant in general and on-campus. Campus Carry allows anyone who is properly licensed in the state of Georgia to carry a concealed handgun on public college and university properties. Shultley also informed students who do have their carrying license on where appropriate places they are allowed to carry are as well as where to house their weapon. For example, even with a license to carry if there is a dual enrolled high school student in a class then the weapon is not allowed in the classroom. Sports arenas and stadiums are other places licensed weapons are not allowed. 

Sold Workshops like this one is just one of many series of workshops the Organization Leadership Consultant provides for students. Their goals during workshops like this one are to educate students in staying safe and developing leadership skills.

For more events like this one, check the Georgia Southern Campus events page or Organization Leadership Consultant’s MyInvolvement page.