Go ahead and call me bossy

Peyton Callanan

Beyoncé wants you to know that she isn’t bossy, she is the boss. That is just fine and dandy Mrs. Carter. You are one half of music’s golden couple, and you are worth millions of dollars. You can be whatever you want to be, so why get so hung up over an extra letter?

Queen Beyoncé and several other stars have joined the #BanBossy campaign, started by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. The campaign is a movement working to ban the use of words – like bossy – that may discourage girls from being ambitious.

Despite what childhood rhymes may tell us, words can hurt, and there are certainly several derogatory terms that should disappear from our vocabulary. However, while the idea behind the campaign is admirable, young women should be encouraged to lead and be successful. The media’s endless need to be politically correct has become tedious and off-putting.

Instead of trying to force others to be more open minded and compassionate with their word choices, we should encourage girls to be strong despite what others say about them. The word bossy, while often negatively associated with women, will never be on the same level as other derogatory words.

Teaching young women to find offense in one little extra letter will do nothing but encourage them to place blame on the dissatisfaction of others for the challenges they face in life. What others say about you should never discourage you from achieving your goals.

So go ahead and call me bossy all you want, you probably wouldn’t be that far off base. I am a woman; I am a leader; and I am not afraid to share my opinion (hence my being the Opinions Editor), and honestly I have probably been called far worse in my 21 years on this earth.

It is because I am ambitious that I won’t let other’s words effect my desire to achieve my goals, which is why I won’t be jumping on the #BanBossy bandwagon anytime soon.

Callanan is a senior communication arts major from Chuluota, Fl. She is the current Opinions Editor.