GSU students talk about sex

Erika Richards

Sex, a topic that most consider uncomfortable and awkward to discuss, is going to be talked about in excruciating detail on Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Nessmith-Lane Assembly Hall.

Georgia Southern University’s Office of Health Services is hosting this session on sex education with the hope that students can learn how to emerge victorious in the game of love.

Guest speaker and sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko will give tips about dating. Mihalko will also touch on topics such as maintaining a healthy sexual relationship and being comfortable with talking about sex in general.

Mihalko is known for his sense of humor and relates it back to relationships in order for people to feel at ease.

“Talking about sex is hard, it’s like pulling teeth,” Mihalko said. “My job is to talk about this stuff and make you feel good about it.”

Parrish Turner, a junior Writing and Linguistics major and GSU LGBTQ president, said, “I’ve seen a few of his (Mihalko) videos on YouTube and they are really funny and he’s a great storyteller. I am a big fan.”

There are many myths about sex and talking openly about it will give people a better understanding of the subject.

Turner said, “Sex education in the South is limited, and hopefully going to this event will be educating.”

“Having knowledge about sex is a good thing,” Turner said, “With knowing, there can be lower rates of STDs and pregnancy.”

Coming out to this event will leave students feeling more confident and less fearful about sex and relationships, Mihalko said.

Mihalko said, “Relationships, sex, and breakups can be tricky but I will tell you how it can be less painful, less aggravating and less confusing.”

This event is a part of Men and Women’s Health Week on campus.