GSU just a name, not identity

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  • Will Cheney

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Will Cheney

There has been a lot of buzz about the abbreviation guide the Sun Belt Conference released on Tuesday.

The abbreviations are for the media’s use to keep a consistent way of identifying different institutions without confusing one for another due to similar acronyms.

The most glaring point in the release, with respect to Georgia Southern University, was the fact that we were to be labeled as ‘GS’ while Georgia State University was able to keep the coveted ‘GSU’ moniker.

Since the beginning of days, the student bodies of GSU and, well, GSU (Ga.St) have been going back and forth over which school should claim ownership of those three letters. The hashtags of #therealGSU and #SouthernNotState are still floating around twitter and really everywhere else.

After all that, I have some good news. It does not matter in the long run. Before y’all get the pitchforks, hear me out. The GSU debacle is a pride thing, which is understandable. If you have something and it gets taken from you, you get angry. It’s human nature, but to get angry over an ultimately meaningless nickname makes no sense. The biggest change that may come out of this is GSUproblems becoming GSproblems.

Whether we go by GS, GSU or Georgia Southern, the Sun Belt did not take away the traditions from us. Those blue and white uniforms will still run by the bust of Erk Russell on Saturday afternoons. The yellow school buses will still bring the Eagles to the ‘prettiest little stadium in America’ on game days, albeit a renovated one, and the Southern Pride Marching Band will still play “Georgia on my Mind” before kickoff.

Of all the traditions that we still have in our grasp, the most important one is winning. Ga.St, which held its first football season just four short years ago, is 10-35 and 0-12 after one season in the Sun Belt. The perfect medicine for this, as with most ailments, is winning. Personally, beating Ga.St every season for the next 10 seasons is enough to make me not worry about what the media calls us.