7 Snacks to keep you energized during your late-night study session


Kathryn Rakoczy | Student Media

Brianna Quarterman

Fall season is upon us and with finals coming up soon, it is important that you, the student, eat the right snacks to keep yourself energized during those late hours of studying. This is the time of year where students flock to the library to study for hours with hopes of passing their exams. For those planning to pull all-nighters, listed below are a few items that are sure to keep your energy and brain cells flowing:

  1. Granola: Granola is a good snack because it’s high in fiber, whole grain and is great for boosting your blood sugar levels.
  2. Blueberries: great for sharpening memory and have also been known to improve motor skills, as well as lessen stress and anxiety.
  3. Peanut Butter & Apples: this is a fun and easy snack for any “on-the-go” college student. The peanut butter is high in fiber and the apples are a supplement of vitamin c which help strengthen the immune system.
  4. Steamed Broccoli: For students who may want to go the all-veggie route, this is a snack that can also double as a meal. Steamed broccoli is healthy in that it contains high levels of fiber and is high in vitamin c.
  5. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds: these are perfect for the fall season. Pumpkin seeds will help with memorization and are filled with zinc- a mineral credited for boosting the immune system.
  6. Strawberries: this fruit is high in potassium and fiber. Snacking on just one cup of sliced strawberries throughout the day will provide you with all of your vitamin c intake.
  7. Popcorn: all students love a fun snack! The popped kernels are filled with protein, low in calories, and sugar-free. Popcorn is also a whole grain, which reduce the risk of heart disease.

The best part about all of the items listed above is that they are interchangeable. They can be eaten as is or combined with another snack from the list.
By indulging in these snacks, you are bound to have higher energy levels. Not only are these energizing snacks, but they are also full of health benefits. These snacks will not only make you feel better but you will be prepared to take your exams feeling healthy and refreshed.