Health care to change for the worse

Porter is a junior international studies major from Zebulon Ga.

Porter is a junior international studies major from Zebulon Ga.

Amber Porter

Three years after the Affordable Care Act was signed, this law is still not ready for implementation. Today the insurance exchanges open up for Obamacare. You can now go online, compare and purchase insurance available in your area. Unfortunately, there have already been problems and setbacks. Small business owners cannot fully apply for health insurance for another month at the least. Glitches and fraudulent websites have been popping up for the past week. Furthermore, the insurance quotes provided may not be accurate at all; families and individuals might have to shell out way more for insurance.  The Department of Health and Human Services said they are unsure how many people will utilize the exchanges. Estimates have consistently fallen and many people don’t even know what they do.

Obamacare is a quagmire of mandates and subsidies. You can ask almost any small business owner how this law is affecting them and it’s pretty bad. My uncle owns a chiropractic clinic here in Statesboro. Already he has seen premiums rise and more of his patients paying out of pocket. While I was in DC, small business owners called almost daily telling me that since they must cover their employees, they have hardly any money to buy insurance for themselves. Other constituents would call and tell me about how their employers weren’t giving them enough hours to qualify for benefits at all. Others saw their co-pays raised to $1,500, which is ridiculous.

Although most Americans have already felt the effects of Obamacare, many are unaware of how much it might cost them. I honestly believe people will not see how awful this law is until it goes into effect. We’ve been trying to delay it because everything it should do, like lower premiums and provide healthcare to those who cannot afford it, cannot happen at the same time. Some doctors will not take certain insurances, which rules out keeping your doctor. Nothing President Obama promised we would get out of this law has come true. Health care will be forever changed when this law goes into effect, but not in a good way.