Skincare Tips for those Dry Winter Months


Madeline Branch

During the different seasons, our skin can change drastically due to the ever-changing weather. It’s important to remember that the way our skin reacts during some months of the year is due to the fact that the temperature changes. 

Sometimes, you might notice that your skin care routine for the summer is slightly different than the skin care routine you practice for the winter. 

If you find yourself struggling trying to find a correct skin routine for your skin when the temperature starts dropping, here are some ways to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized during the winter. 

1. Use cream-based products 

Using cream-based products for your face in the winter keeps the skin feeling replenished and moisturized. Winter months can potentially dry your skin,causing it to look dry in return. Your face doesn’t hydrate itself as it would in the summertime with natural oils like it does in the winter. Your skin will thank you when you swap out watery-based products for cream-based products. 

2. Use a humidifier 

If you ever have a humidifier just laying around your house, now would be the perfect time to use it. You might ask yourself, how can a humidifier help you keep your skin hydrated? Humidifiers work great for your skin in the winter months when the heat in your house is blasting, and they restore moisture back into your skin. 

3. Always moisturize immediately after washing 

A really important step in keeping your face feeling soft and glowy is to always moisturize it after you get out of the shower or get done washing your face.  This step is really important in ensuring that you don’t dry your face out and make your skin to put in the extra work of producing its own oils to moisturize your skin. Always moisturize! 

4. DIY mask 

You can never go wrong with creating an at-home DIY mask from natural products around the house. DIY masks are great for the skin in the winter because it doesn’t have all the excess chemicals and alcohols that could dry your face out. Face masks such as a yogurt-oatmeal-honey mask, an avocado face mask and an egg-honey face mask are great to try. Each of these masks serves a special purpose in keeping your skin hydrated throughout the winter and is much less of the price you would spend on masks within the store. 

5. Drink water 

You probably have already heard this a thousand times, and I am here to remind you again because it’s so important. Drink water! You can never drink too much water. The benefits of adding water into your everyday routine will really serve your skin justice. It cleans your body from the inside out but also hydrates your skin as well. Always drink water regardless of the season. 

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliating is key to getting rid of dead, dry skin. When we exfoliate, we make way for a new layer of skin to breathe again. Exfoliating your face not only hydrates the skin, but it also gives it a smooth and glowy look afterwards.

These skin care tips are a great way to avoid having dry, unmoisturized skin. So, ditch any old bad habits and adopt new ones, because your skincare routine deserves it.