What to expect from Opinions this semester

James Farmer

What’s up GSU? I’m pleased to announce that I am returning to the post of Opinions Editor, after a year off from the job. The section is going to be run a little different from last fall, but I think the changes will really take the new section to new heights. This semester, the section will no longer barrage you with politics every issue (even as a political science major, that gets old), instead Tuesdays will be for politics, and Thursdays will be for fun, social columns.

In addition to those changes, we are also bringing in “expert columns,” columns written by professors or people in the community with experience and weight to talk about a subject. For example, we may have a biology professor talking about climate change or a political science professor talking about a bill trying to pass Congress. The purpose of these articles is to bring some experience and gravitas to the section. I can talk to you guys all day about immigration reform, but I wouldn’t have the same weight behind my words as a professor who has dedicated years to studying immigration patterns.

Some things will be the same. The George-Anne always loves receiving comments on our webpage and Facebook as well as letters to the editor. The format for letters to the editor is the same as always:  We need your name, classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.), major and hometown. The George-Anne cannot and will not run your letter without these details.

Also, if you would like to be a cartoonist for us, or perhaps write a column yourself, send a sample of your work to letters@georgiasouthern.edu. You may have what it takes to be our next great cartoonist or columnist! But if reporting is more of your thing, you can try out for our candidate program.

So let’s have a great semester, GSU. Let’s go to tailgates, watch the Eagles GATA on the field, get those GPAs looking all pretty for grad schools, employers, mom and dad, or whatever, and last but not least, go to some parties and make questionable decisions. Work hard, play hard and hail Southern and no place else!