The George-Anne needs to show True Blue

Dear Editor,

Being a student at Georgia Southern for the past four football seasons has been a great benefit.  The problem is that every time I read the George-Anne article about the upcoming football season, there are always doubts.  Being a sport management major and the sports fan that I am, a certain word comes to mind when I read these articles: faith.  Why is it that the writers of the articles cannot dedicate and have PRIDE in their football team?  The fact that they cannot see us going undefeated or even beating App. State is a serious problem.  I know there has to be some form of the truth in their writing, but they should be TRUE BLUE.  That term has been thrown around a lot in the four seasons I have been here, but now is the time to show it, especially in our last season in the FCS.  So stop saying we are going to lose to App. State and Florida.  Be True Blue, and have faith in your team.

Zach Deutsch

senior sport management major