‘Catfish’ seeks college students in Georgia for season two

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Alexandra McCray

Dating in college is hard, especially when you have never even met the person face-to-face.

MTV’s “Catfish: The TV Show” has started casting for its second season, and producers will be looking exclusively for college students.

Since college-aged students make up the highest viewer percentage for the show, producers and casters want the second season to focus especially on them, Mark Pomerville, casting producer, said.

“Catfish: The TV Show” brings together couples who have met online, but for whatever reason, have never met in person. The show brings the Internet couple together to see whether each of them has been completely honest about whom they are.

The term “catfish” is used to describe a person who uses social media to create a fake identity with the intention of deceitfully pursuing a person romantically.

All that is required to apply for the show is an email to mtvcatfishcasting.com with pictures and a few paragraphs explaining the situation. After the applicant is accepted, they go through a pre-interview process to see if they will be a good fit for the show.

“We would love to have students from GSU apply. We get a lot of applications from the state of Georgia. We’re really hoping to have someone from Georgia on season two,” Pomerville said.

Junior health education and promotion major Katie Casey met a past boyfriend online at plentyoffish.com.

“We were both really open to meeting up. We texted and talked on the phone for a week before and got along really good and decided to meet up,” Casey said. “It helps to see who else is out there. Most of the time it works out.”

But not everyone’s decision to finally meet goes as smoothly.

Pomerville said, “Sometimes catfishes contact us and want help revealing themselves. People are at a point where they wanted to come forward, but they care about the person they were catfishing. They’re not a bunch of weirdoes. They’re just misunderstood. They don’t want to hurt the person they love. They don’t want to lose them either.”