GSU still not PINK

Erinn Williams

Ten lucky new schools were chosen to be a part of Victoria’s Secret PINK’s Collegiate Collection in an online contest, and unfortunately Georgia Southern University was not one of them.

The contest, which told students to “PINK Your Campus” asked students to nominate and support their school by voting online until March 25.

Though GSU made it into the top 20, it ultimately lost by over 3,000 votes to the 10th place winner.

The winning schools will receive two PINK campus representatives, freebies, parties, pop-up shops and other PINK-related items beginning Fall 2013.

Victoria’s Secret PINK’s Collegiate Collection now has over 150 representatives at 75 different campuses throughout the United States.

Many students were upset about the loss including fashion design majors who had a chance to become GSU’s own PINK representatives.

“I think that it would have brought about awareness for GSU Fashion Marketing and Apparel Design students on a national level. It might have even impacted the Fashion Marketing and Apparel Design program by allowing students to learn about marketing and work with Victoria’s Secret. Students could possibly have had internships and other opportunities with the brand,” Beth Myers, instructor of fashion merchandising and apparel design, said.

Fashion students were not the only one affected by the loss. Other GSU students missed out on the chance to have new spirit wear.

Kia Gathers, early childhood and Spanish major said “I think it would have been a great opportunity for us. We get confused with Georgia State too much and I think that having our name on clothing in a major clothing line would have been a great way to bring attention to Georgia Southern.”