GSU theatre to replace Jesus Christ Superstar with Godspell

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  • Performers will start rehearsals near the end of October, and continue until January, until they present Georgia Southern with their anticipated spring performance.

Tatiana Joseph-Saunders

STATESBORO — The Center for the Performing Arts and the GSU Theatre were scheduled to hold auditions, cast and put on the hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Now they are doing Godspell.

 “The reason for the change is quite simply, we didn’t have enough people audition, which was a surprise for us,” Lisa Abbott, director of the show, said.

Abbott said that the lack of auditions was a surprise because the last time there was a joint production between the PAC and the Theatre program was three years ago, when GSU presented Chicago and had 90 people audition. The Jesus Christ Superstar auditions had less than half potential performers show up.

The decision to choose Godspell as the new spring musical came after deliberation from the music director Joey Bielik and Abbott, since they both are familiar with Godspell.

“We could cast from the audition pool that came [from the Jesus Christ auditions], and we could cast well,” Abbott said.

Performers will start rehearsals near the end of October.

Tatiana Joseph-Saunders, The George-Anne News Reporter,