Dining plans revamped in 2013

Lauren Gorla

Correction: The article originally referred to Dining Dollars as Eagle Bucks. This change in name was made known after the Student Government Association meeting and has been corrected after speaking with SGA Vice President of Auxiliary Affairs Garrett Green on Oct. 18.

Dining location options are set to change at the completion of Lakeside’s and Landrum’s reconstruction, which will exclude all other locations from students’ meal plans.

The Student Government Association announced at last night’s meeting that there will be two meal plans offered fall 2013 instead of a set number of meal plans to use per week.

The plans will be called “The Eagle Unlimited Blue” and “The Eagle Unlimited Gold.”

Dining Dollars will be added to the new dining plans, which students will use at the other dining locations. As of right now will not roll over from one semester to the next, Garrett Green, SGA vice president of Auxiliary Affairs, said.

“The dining plan option is going to be totally different next year,” Green said.

The dining locations that will be excluded from the unlimited plans are: Market Street Deli, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Oasis, Starbucks, Talons Grille, Pickle Barrel, Wrapsody Grill, Zach’s Brews, Cold Stone Creamery and Chick-fil-a.

The new dining plan will offer unlimited access to the new Lakeside and Landrum, Green said.

“You can use it as many times as you want to.  Once students understand how great the new Landrum and Lakeside are going to be, they will want to eat there more often,” Green said.

The Eagle Unlimited Blue plan will cost $1,650 and will include $100 in Dining Dollars and five guest passes per semester.

The Eagle Unlimited Gold plan will cost $1,800 and will include $300 in Dining Dollars and eight guest passes per semester.

“The guest pass is something that you can bring somebody who doesn’t have a meal plan with you, to eat with you,” Green said.

For students who don’t want to purchase either of these plans, the Eagle Express package is the other option they can choose.

In order to receive the five percent discount that students are normally accustomed to with the current meal plans, they must put $350 on their Eagle Express card, Green said.

“The price of the three meal plan right now is somewhere around 400 to 500 dollars, so the price of this is very comparable to what the three dining plan is, it just has a different title,” Green said.

The one-swipe-for-one-meal system that students use with the current meal plans won’t work the same way anymore.

If a student wants a meal from Chick-fil-a, they can choose to use their Dining Dollars or money on their Eagle Express account, not a meal plan.

Students can come and go to Landrum and Lakeside as many times per day as they want and the quality of the food is expected to be greatly improved, said Green.

“If you want to go at nine o’clock and get a banana and orange juice, you can do that.  If you want to come back at 9:35 and get a serving of grits and leave, you have the option to go as many times as you want to with this plan,” Green said.

“This is something (Eagle Dining Services) have been talking about for the past two years,” Green said.  “I can definitely see how a lot of older students who have experienced having Chick-fil-a and Einstein’s on the meal plan and taking those away would think it’s unfair.”

Students have mixed feelings about the way the new dining plans will work.

“One-hundred dollars is not enough. I just spent $8.50 on this Chick-Fil-A,” Jebril Reeves, freshman political science major, said.  “At the end of the semester, I’m going to stop and say, ‘dang, I shouldn’t have bought that brownie.’”

“That would be pretty cool, but with gaining something, you have to sacrifice something else,” Joe Wells, freshman mechanical engineering major, said.

Peyton Barnett, freshman communications major said, “I would be pissed off. That’s not what I was told when I came here. The meal plans are what sold me to Georgia Southern.”