Chazitos, music and Latin American countries featured in the flag parade

Nathan Woodruff

STATESBORO — The Association of Latin American Students held a flag parade on the Georgia Southern campus Wednesday.

Students from the club walked from the Parker College of business to the Rotunda with the flags of various countries that their members were from.

“This event is to showcase the multiculturalism that is on campus, just because people might not see on the everyday life on campus,” said Carlos Chavez, junior mechanical engineering major and Association of Latin American Students club president. “This is just a day of awareness for all the different types of cultural backgrounds that represent Georgia Southern.”

Latin music as well as food provided by Chazitos Latin Cuisine was part of the event. 

Kiara Ampuero, senior biology major, club member and Peruvian-American, said that the Association of Latin American students provide support for each other through academic help and volunteer hours.

“We all support each other. We offer tutoring services for members in our group,” Ampuero said. “We do a lot of volunteer hours and projects and then we also do different events.

The Association of Latin American students helps out in a celebration of the Latin American holiday, Day of the Dead, which is similar to Halloween.

“We provide activities for small kids like coloring and face painting,” Ampuero said.

Emily Ramirez, sophomore interior design major, said that learning about different cultures was a good reason to join the club. 

“I would say to learn about different countries and why they are important,” Ramirez said. “I’ve met a lot of people that are from different countries like Peruvians, Dominicans and Cubans, and I learned about their food, and their culture… just meeting people from different places is a very good source of information and awareness.”

The Association of Latin American students has several upcoming events including Lotería game night, which is similar to bingo, latin dance lessons and forums on awareness for Afro-Latinos. 

Nathan Woodruff, The George-Anne Managing News Editor,