Ten Tips To Tame the Finals Frenzy

Julia Fechter

You return after a week of Thanksgiving feasts only to be confronted with the inevitable- finals. Studying for finals can be stressful, especially on top of taking other exams and working on projects. Preparing for finals doesn’t have to be cringing, though. Sometimes, we all need a break. Here are some ways that you can break up that marathon study session.

1. Go for a quick run or walk

Get off your bum and go out for a run! The fresh air can help you clear your mind, and you can work in your daily exercise. Even if you take a quick walk around your dorm or the library, it’s still worth it because it breaks up long stretches of sitting.

2. Chat with a friend

Talking to a friend can be refreshing. Sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes it is just nice to catch up with your bestie. Most of all, it is reassuring to know you have a friend to support you during finals.

3. Tidy up

It can be difficult to set aside time to straighten up your space, especially when your schedule gets really busy. However, organizing your room can help you organize your thoughts. A tidy room can help you focus by minimizing distractions.

4. Treat yourself

Reward yourself for all that studying with something special. Looking for something to help you relax? Try a cup of hot tea. If you are craving something sweet, you can make a Nutella mug cake without having to leave your room.

5. Jam out to some music

Music is said to soothe the soul, and it may help soothe your brain after a strenuous mental workout. Now is the perfect time to jam to that song you can’t get out of your head. Feel free to dance and sing before hitting the books again.

6. Read for fun

Reading may be the last thing you want to do, especially after studying up to your eyeballs. If you’re a bookworm, though, reading for pleasure can be an invigorating break. Take ten to fifteen minutes to catch up on a new book. Additionally, if you enjoy anime, you can read the manga versions of your favorite shows.

7. Nab a nap

Sometimes you just need to rest, period. It’s hard to remember information when you are struggling to keep your eyes open. Taking a thirty minute to an hour nap can help you feel refreshed and ready to focus. Just remember to set an alarm so you don’t oversleep.

8. Surf the web

Ah, the internet. It can be alright in healthy doses. Several minutes is enough time to read the skinny for news or look up that new recipe you want to try out. Just be sure not to let several minutes of internet time turn into an hour of surfing the web.

9. Journal

Writing can be a nice way to take a short break from studying. Finish that poem or song you have been working on. The sense of accomplishment you get from finishing that work of writing can motivate you to conquer that last bit of studying!

10. Meditate on the go.

It can be hard to find a few minutes of calm amidst a busy schedule. Fret no more! There are several meditation apps you can download onto your phone or other mobile devices. The Smiling Mind app specifically targets physical and mental stress, while the Daily Yoga app offers yoga routines of different lengths, depending on how much time you have to spare. These apps are available on the iPhone or Androids via iTunes or Google Play.
Finals can be a frenzy, but they do not have to be. These suggestions are just some of many ways that you can break up study marathons and paper writing. Do you have your own ideas for de-stressing during finals? Post them on the Reflector’s social media, The Reflector on Facebook, @ReflectorGSU on Twitter, or Reflectorgsu on Instagram.