Turn $15 into a Personal Masterpiece

Dana Lark

If you have $15 and a favorite song lyric, a bomb DIY project awaits.
This project is foolproof. It’s impossible to fail or mess up and little to no artistic ability is required. It’s the perfect weekend remedy to take your mind off the stresses of school, work and a multitude of other daily obligations that pull you away from necessary “me-time.”
Kick the project off by making a trip to Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, or my personal favorite: the clearance home goods section at T.J. Maxx. Find a print canvas with good bones. Don’t worry about what’s printed on it. The busier, the better.
Once you’ve found the canvas, you’ll need:

After you’ve decided on the lyrics or a quote you want to use, lay out the letters on your canvas in a straight line. Operative word here: straight.

Use the painters tape to block off areas that you don’t want painted. I covered the edges of my canvas for added depth. Also be sure to cover any areas you’d like to paint later with a different color.

Dampen your paintbrush in water and paint a layer of color on the exposed area of your canvas. Let it dry and repeat this process 2-3 times, depending on how dark the print of your canvas is. In my case, I could have used a few extra coats of the yellow paint, but the blue is rock solid.
After all the painted areas are completely dry and your stylistic design choices with the painters tape have been made, slowly peel away any leftover tape and the vinyl letters. It’s basically the best feeling ever, but take your time and try not to peel up the paint on your canvas with it.

You’re done! Hang your masterpiece in a high traffic area of your home to give you midday inspiration.