The RAC adds more personalized classes

Anthony Belinfante

STATESBORO The Georgia Southern Recreation Activity Center (RAC) is offering small group training for the first time this semester.

The small group training program allows attendees to get the individualized programming and attention they would receive from a personal trainer while still participating in group settings.

“We want a fun community atmosphere while still being able to individualize and progress the participants, and keep all of it budget friendly,” Fitness Program Director Keagan Kiely said.

A total of 13 classes are being offered, each class meeting two times a week for six weeks.

Each session will be offered twice a semester for students to participate.

Some of the classes offered this semester include Powerlifting 101, Progressive Yoga and Fitness Foundation.

“These classes will help boost energy and metabolism, increase strength and muscle size, as well as, provide a fun community atmosphere for students to participate in,” Kiely said.

All 13 classes can be found on the GS website, along with descriptions and times.

To participate in one of the classes, all students must do is fill out an interest packet, which can also be found online.

Anthony Belinfante, The George-Anne News Reporter,