Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme: Which is Georgia Southern’s favorite?

Akaria Stewart

Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme are two of America’s favorite doughnut shops. From glazed to sprinkled and everything in between, both restaurants have something for every sweet tooth and coffee addict. But which is better? This has been a popular debate between foodies for pretty much as long as both have coexisted.

In an effort to find out which chain GS students prefer, I randomly questioned 50 students and recorded their responses. Out of the 50, Krispy Kreme dominated with 45 students, while the other five chose Dunkin’. When I asked the students their reasoning for their preference, there were three main things the students considered in their decision:


One of the things Dunkin’ Donuts is known for is its wide selection, offering more than 70 varieties of doughnuts. With a menu expanding from everything such as breakfast sandwiches, muffins and coffee, there is no short of options here. This was one of the main points those who voted for Dunkin’ made.

“There’s just a better selection there,” said Deja Conway, senior exercise science major.

On the other end, there’s Krispy Kreme, who’s famous for their red hot sign which can only mean one thing: fresh glazed doughnuts are hot and ready! When it comes to this American classic chain, their menu is more simplified.

Although they do offer other items outside of their famous original glazed doughnuts, like their iced coffee and a variety of different icings and flavors, those who were in favor of Krispy Kreme would argue that they’re sticking to what they do best.

“The glaze is just a classic,” said Briana Parsons, senior exercise science major.

The Coffee

Even those who were in favor of Krispy Kreme couldn’t help but admit that Dunkin’ Donuts has some great coffee.

“Dunkin’ Donuts definitely has better coffee, but I have to still go with Krispy Kreme,” said Kenneth McWhorter, junior psychology major.

When it comes to coffee, both the doughnut empires have around the same amount of choices, but students on campus seem to still be in favor of Dunkin’s, and they’re not alone. According to Business Insider, since Dunkin’ Donuts switched its focus to coffee and breakfast items back in 2003, the chain now sells 30 cups a second.

Quality of Doughnuts

Of course, when it all came down to it, in the end the doughnuts were the final deciding factor. According to the results, Krispy Kreme reigns supreme.

It seems that for GS students, the variety Dunkin’ Donuts offers still can’t compete with the freshness and the taste of the classic Krispy Kreme glaze.

Which doughnut empire is your favorite?

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