Powered by Plants First Meetup


Devon Williams, Events and Engagement Editor

Georgia Southern University’s vegan and vegetarian Club, Powered By Plants, held its first meeting virtually on Thursday evening.

The members discussed raising money for, and volunteering, at the Statesboro Food Bank because there are few options available for people who would prefer to eat a mostly or entirely plant-based diet.

The president of the club, senior public relations student, Monique Polk, explained the importance of the volunteering tasks and opportunities.

“We’re donating vegan groceries and snack packs to the Statesboro Foodbank…I don’t know if it has any vegan options besides fruit,” said Polk.

All members agreed that it is important for all people to have access to healthy plant-based foods.

Powered by Plants strongly encourages cleaning up the environment through various means. For example, Polk suggested picking up trash along the highway and sidewalks and discouraging littering.

The group strongly believes in promoting self care and environmental assistance.

Mallory Polk, senior business marketing major, and outreach coordinator for the group, stressed the importance of representing the core values of the club.

“If you’re wearing the PBP gear, make sure that you are doing good things for the environment and your health as well,” said Polk.

 Polk also encouraged attendees to examine the nutrition labels on packaged foods to determine whether or not they are healthy and vegetarian and/or vegan friendly.

The meeting then switched to talking about the job positions available for current and future members to fulfill.  These include treasurer, which handles monetary matters, social media manager, the person who will be in charge of media connections in addition to beautifying internet presence by creating art and making fliers for the public, a historian, a photographer, and a videographer to capture the moments of the club’s activity.

 In the last three months of the year, Powered by Plants will have a virtual costume house party, a Thanksgiving potluck and a Christmas dinner snack pack. On Sept. 10th, the group will meet to reveal and discuss the designs for the club’s t-shirt.

Additionally, each member of the club introduced themselves and told their peers what the terms vegan and vegetarian meant to them. Everyone agreed that regardless of which term applied to each individual member, both lifestyles are beneficial for health and wellness. 

The club will likely host more events throughout the semester. The schedule is subject to change and the coordinators are open to suggestions for more engagement. The group plans for monthly catch-ups. 

The club is passionate about educating university students about the benefits of transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. From improved health to reduced waste, Powered by Plants will help students make a difference in the world.