Letter to the Editor: “What’s the Local Hero’s Stance?”


Statesboro, GA has been no stranger to BLM protests and demands for equality.  GS football players and coaching staff have shared their support for the push for equality, as have other coaches and administrators within Athletics at GS.  However, one particular voice, and perhaps the most well-known, has been silent.  If you Google popular GS alumni, Tracy Ham is the top figure in the results.  Many influential celebrities from all walks of life have made their support of Black Lives Matter and their opposition to inequality known.  Where has Tracy Ham’s voice been in a community that relishes his sports accomplishment and sees him as a local hero?  In a time where silence is deafening, people need to hear from the beloved “Ham”.   In this challenging time, his voice and influence are not only needed, but essential.  Ham has the ability to potentially sway some opinions of individuals who may not realize that they may be passively supporting inequity.

Tracy Ham has benefited greatly from his time in Statesboro.  He now has an opportunity/obligation to promote significant change here, and leave a legacy even more significant than a championship.  He can leave a legacy of change.  At this time, it appears that he is more concerned with not ruffling feathers to maintain his personal comfort in the community, rather than using his influence to make people who look like him more comfortable in the future.

I am hopeful that Tracy Ham will voice his opinion considering his considerable influence in the community, and not a watered down statement prepared by someone else!