Podcasts To Look Out For


Tatiana Joseph-Saunders, Culture Reporter

This year seems like the perfect time to zone out to your favorite podcast. Just shut out the whole world and all of the issues with really cool podcasts about mythology or true crime. Here are a few podcasts that I have been listening to and I really recommend, no matter what you’re interested in!

Bitter Brown Femmes

This is a podcast hosted by Cassandra Alicia and Ruben Angel and the two discuss current social justice issues impacting marginalized communities. I really like hearing different voices when it comes to current-issue podcasts and I think it’s important to diversify one’s opinion through listening to others, so if you are like me, try this one out.


This is one of my favorite podcasts that I discovered a few years ago, because I thought the concept was so cool. It is narrated by Phoebe Judge and she discusses crime from a complex perspective. Whether the ‘crime’ of the episode is streaking in public, using counterfeit money, or finding a dead body in a pool- every episode is so interesting. Also, not every episode is from the perspective you expect. There are episodes where the victim of the crimes are narrating, or the ‘criminals’ themselves, or even the children of the criminal/victim.


Mythology is exactly what it implies- retelling stories of mythology. Though, there is so much effort put into it. In this podcast, ancient myths are brought to life through different voice actors/actresses while also hearing the most dramatic versions of myths you may or may not have heard of. This is the podcast for you if you are one for theatrics, gore, violence, and life lessons.

The Magnus Archives

This is a podcast I actually discovered from looking into a TikTok audio. A clip from this podcast was going around on the app and I thought it was so creepy and interesting I just had to find the origin. The Magnus Archives reminds me of the Alternate Reality Games one may find on Twitter, Youtube, and now TikTok. The Magnus Archives is a horror fiction collection of retellings found in the files of the ‘Magnus Institute’. An institute dedicated to the “esoteric and weird”. There are recounts of interactions between the supernatural and the murderous and mysterious, the list goes on.

Vegan Chub Club

I was initially intrigued by the title of this podcast because I liked the idea of flipping the stereotypical image of a vegan. The host, Miranda, strives to “dismantle the way veganism is represented”. I enjoy the variety of topics covered and the bubbly and blunt personalities of the hosts never fail to make me laugh.

Dark Tank

The concept for this podcast is so interesting, it had me hooked from the beginning. The host, Yedoye Travis, has a panel of black comedians, and they invite “melanin deficient guests to undo the mistakes of their past by pitching solutions to pressing minority issues”. Yes. You read that correctly. Every week there’s a new white person (often a comedian) to talk about not-so-serious solutions to real life problems minorities face, it’s hilariously worthwhile.

Let’s Not Meet: A True Horror Podcast

This is a podcast that always has me anticipating the next episode, even my mom loves it. It is a retelling of stories from a Reddit thread, that asks people to share creepy, scary, or uncomfortable experiences they’ve had. Andrew Tate, the host, has the best storytelling voice and the stories he receives are so interestingly haunting.