Quarantine Friendly Things to Add to your Fall Bucket List


Alexis Hampton, Managing Editor

Fall is officially upon us and I know that so many of you are excited. I mean, how could you not be? So what better way to welcome the season than to….stay in? I know the situation we’re in isn’t ideal, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy ourselves.

So, since COVID-19 has us all cramped up inside, why not have a little fun? Here are some things you can add to your fall bucket list without having to leave your house.


Decorate your Space

This one is a little obvious, but of course, I’m going to add it to the list as a reminder. You’ve got to start the season off right. It can be as simple as putting up a few leaf garlands on your wall. If Halloween is your jam, put up some spooky artwork. Whatever puts you in a festive mood, go for it.


Bake Pumpkin Bread from Scratch

Honestly, you can bake anything you want but, nothing beats the smell of pumpkin in the fall. And if you don’t like pumpkin bread, try baking cookies or maybe boiling some cinnamon tea. Anything to get the aromas of autumn going in your home. You’re definitely going to want to add this one to the list.


Coffee Binge

National Coffee Day is always in the fall which is perfect for all the seasonal drinks that come out during that time. You may as well celebrate the holiday right. Hit up all the coffee shops in your area and spend all day sipping with some friends


Movie Marathons

Of course, this one is a given. A movie marathon is always a winner. But you don’t have to limit yourself to one. You could have a Harry Potter movie marathon, a marathon of movies that fit into the fall aesthetic, a Halloween movie marathon, and a scary movie marathon. The possibilities are endless.


Make S’mores at Home

You don’t have to go to a bonfire for this tasty treat. You could use your gas stove, an airfryer, the microwave if you’re desperate, and a s’more maker if you’re fancy. And if you really want to sauce it up, change up the ingredients to be more festive. Try out pumpkin spice marshmallows or cinnamon twisted! You could even try using chocolate graham crackers.


Try Knitting


Who doesn’t love a chunky blanket? There are so many different types of knitting and crocheting that you can almost definitely find something you’ll enjoy. It’s super therapeutic and it’s time-consuming so it could be something that you work on for a week or two. Sure, you can go buy a blanket or a scarf at the store, but wouldn’t you love it even more if you made it yourself?