The political ads you’ll soon be seeing are not an editorial endorsement

A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Andy Cole, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Georgia Southern Community, 

I don’t know about you, but the last two weeks have been crazy for The George-Anne team and I. What was called the most consequential election is now over… well, almost over.

With both senate seats still up for grabs in runoffs, slated for January, the eyes of the entire nation are on our state. That’s the reason I’m writing to you all today.

Soon, you will be seeing some additional advertisements on our website and in our print and email publications. Those ads will be political in nature. 

The Student Media Executive Board believes political ads are vital free speech in American democracy. As a board, we also understand that placement of political ads may be perceived as an editorial endorsement. 

Let the Executive Board and I be clear: these ads you will be seeing on our products are simply ads. They do not reflect the editorial views of The George-Anne Media Group. 

Decisions to accept political ads are made by students; our Executive Board, to be specific. Please know that we plan on accepting any ads from any campaign that is interested in purchasing ad space.

In the meantime, the Executive Board and I encourage you to research all the candidates and prepare to vote in the Senate runoff election slated for January 5.


On behalf our Executive Board, 

Andy Cole

Editor-in-Chief, The George-Anne

Member, Student Media Executive Board

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