Local Talent: Michael Ferrera, Tattoo Artist

Michael Ferrera Photo Cred: Amanda Cormeny
Michael Ferrera
Photo Cred: Amanda Cormeny

By Kayleigh Leadbetter, Staff Writer

Take a look at the people around you. Chances are some of them will be sporting a tattoo or two; maybe you even have one yourself. Tattoos are a form of art that people use to express their creativity and individuality. Savannah is home to many passionate, skillful tattoo artists and Michael Ferrera is one of the best the city has to offer.

Currently working at Good Fortune Tattoo Studio, Ferrera is the proud owner of 87 tattoos and counting. At the age of 18, Ferrera tried tattooing for the first time and was instantly hooked: “I originally wanted to be an art teacher, but I started tattooing when I was 18 and I just loved it and never stopped,” Ferrera said about the origins of his talent.

When talking about his interest in art, he told a story of his best friend and life in Belgium. “My best friend was Siim, and he introduced me to graffiti and drawing. We would spray paint murals, draw in our sketchbooks, and just tons of other stuff. From then on out I loved every style of art.”

In the past, tattoos have been seen as taboo and unacceptable, especially in the workplace. However, they have recently started to become more socially acceptable and a lot more common within the younger generations.

“I love that tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable. Plus, it means that I get more people coming to me for tattoos which is awesome,” Ferrera said about his opinion on the gaining popularity of tattoos.

When asked about his favorite and least favorite parts of being a tattoo artist, he said, “The best part about being a tattoo artist is the freedom and the worst part could be that some customers are narrow-minded and stubborn…I love when I have the freedom to put my twist on someone’s idea.”

Ferrera doesn’t have a favorite piece of work that he’s done, but says that his favorite styles of tattoos to do are “traditional, bold lines, solid black, starbursts, and stippling.” Though, he’s willing to do anything that a customer wants.

When he isn’t tattooing in Savannah, Ferrera likes to travel across the country with his best friends and dog, Hooper. “I get to see the coolest places in our country, and then I get to come home and tattoo. I get the best of both worlds, man.”

If you are interested in seeing some of Michael Ferrera’s work, check him out on Instagram and head on down to Good Fortune Tattoo Studio to schedule your next tattoo appointment.