First Friday Art March welcomes new business vendors and interactive art installation

By Shannon Griffin, Staff Writer

The 41st consecutive First Friday Art March, organized by Art Rise Savannah, ran from 6-9 p.m. last  Friday. The event features exhibits in local boutiques, galleries and cafes. It also includes the Indie Arts Market, which provides a space for local artists to display and sell their work, as well as a stage for musicians to perform.

Although created as an art walk, donations from Old Savannah Tours makes it possible for the Art March to also include free trolley services to each location being featured. The trolley loops every 20-30 minutes and comes with a lively guide.

Marcia Banes, a seasoned Art March guide, said “I have so much fun on the trolley.” It is a welcoming environment, with friends and strangers alike sharing suggestions and observations.

One of the biggest attractions this month was a traveling, interactive art piece called “The World We Want.” It is comprised of several chalkboard squares that ask the audience what kind of world they want to live in, and how they will make the world that way. Guests were invited to grab some chalk and fill in a square of their own. The Art March is this interactive installation’s  first stop as it travels through Savannah.

Another change for the September Art March, was the new location of the Indie Arts Market. Originally located on Desoto Avenue, it is now tucked beside Starland Cafe in the Starland Park. A frequent Art March attendee, Hayley Alexander, commented on the new location, claiming, “It’s more accessible, and feels more like a place you’d hang around.”

The new location featured cozy wooden lawn chairs, tiki torches, white lights, and a stage shaded by an oak tree. It also had a line of vendor tables along the perimeter for guests to make purchases while enjoying performances.

This month’s Art March also featured two new business locations: Lee O’Neil Gallery and The Future on Forsyth. Both businesses provided a sale and live musical performances during the night. Lee O’Neil Gallery featured four artists for their grand opening. The Future on Forsyth boasts unique, vintage, clothing.

The next Art March will be held Friday, Oct. 2, and with its increasing popularity, is sure to be filled with new and upcoming artists and businesses. The event, as always, is free to the public.