The Gift You Never Wanted

Art Rise Savannah is looking for submissions for their juried exhibition show, The Gift You Never Wanted. The Non-fiction gallery show will run from Dec. 8 through Jan. 2, 2016.

An application fee of $20 applies to Art Rise members for four images, while non- members can apply for $25. Submissions of all media types are welcome and must be submitted by November 7 2015. Applicants whose submissions have been chosen will be notified on November 16 and the opening reception will take place on December 18.

The first place prize winner will receive $175. For the exhibition The Gift You Never Wanted, Non-Fiction Gallery seeks works of art that explore the idea of the gift as a burden or a blessing. Artists of all media and practice are invited to submit to this open- ended theme.

According to the press release, the show statement read: We are often given gifts that are unsightly, unseemly, or straight out of a nightmare. Often these “gifts” stay with us, sometimes for the better. The gifts we never wanted take many forms, both physically and emotionally. In the end we have to ask: are gifts given for the sender or the receiver?

For a full exhibition prospectus and to apply to The Gift You Never Wanted, please visit the show’s website at: