A Moveable Feast lecture series schedule 2015-16:

September 24 – Donald Duck’s Allies: José Carioca, the Brazilian Expeditionary

Force and U.S. Forces in World War II. by Dr. Michael Hall at The American Legion

Ballroom, 1108 Bull St.

November 19 – Suiting up the Hero: Armor and Identity from The Black Prince to

The Dark Knight by Dr. Grant Gearhart at Telfair Museum Rotunda, 121 Barnard St.

February 4 – Crossroads of Oppression: An Analysis of the Intersection of Race

and Gender in the History of Slavery in Savannah by Dr. Jennifer Padilla Wyse and

Dr. Alison Hatch at Beach Institute, 502 East Harris St.

March 10 – Cultural Cannibals or Twentieth Century Heroes?: The Case of

Christodora Settlement House. by Dr. June Hopkins at Massie School Classroom,

207 East Gordon St.

April 14 – Refitting Old Ships: How Jazz Builds on Its Own Past. by Dr. Randall

Reese and Dr. Steve Primatic at Ships of the Sea Museum, 41 Martin Luther King Jr.


All the events begin at 6 p.m. and are FREE to the public.