Between Symmetries rocks out at The Jinx


between symmetries jinx2
LR: Jenkins, Britt, Nave, Sheehan (Via Facebook: Between Symmetries) 

Megan McGinnis, Staff Writer

Between Symmetries had what many have called a fantastic debut performance downtown at The Jinx.

“They were great!” senior English major KC McGuire said. “Their sense of humor was hilarious and they really seemed to connect with the audience. I looked them up on Google Play before the show was even over!”

Between Symmetries is an indie/post rock band that cut their teeth in the Savannah DIY scene in 2015. Members Adam Jenkins (vocals and guitar), Jack Nave (bass), Michael Britt (drums), and Daniel Sheehan (guitar) all attend schools in the Savannah area.

Given the average age and their musical genre, it is unsurprising that the majority of their followers are college students, though many older fans were present at the performance Friday night.

“[Our fans] are what keeps us motivated and going. We wouldn’t be able to do the things we do without their support,” Jenkins said.

However, the band expressed frustration over what seems to be the recurring argument over the lack of all-ages venues in Savannah and the subsequent inability to make their shows available to all of their fans.

“The city of Savannah is an amazing spot, but our scene is under fire with a lot of venues closing left and right,” Jenkins said. “Many of our friends used to run house venues… but they’ve all been shut down due to sound ordinances and political reasons…” he said.

“With the bars being 21 and up [and house venues] being shut down, kids are in a tough spot when it comes to seeing live music. You’d think the city would be a lot more open to the idea… because Savannah is a huge advocate of [art]. We’re just hoping to shine some light on the matter… and maybe bring some brilliant minds together to see what solution we can come up with.”

Despite not having a proper all ages performance space, Between Symmetries seems to be enjoying a fair amount of success, having nearly 1000 fans on Facebook and playing gigs in Atlanta and north GA. Their music is also featured on Google Play and Spotify.

The variety in their sound allows them to appeal to fans of several different musical genres, and their youth and sense of humor allows audiences to identify them as people rather than musicians. It is easy to see their appeal.

“It’s refreshing to see young, talented college students striving for their dreams,” said McGuire.

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