Summer internships: The time and place to look


internshipBy Sebastian Wright, Staff Writer

The time to be thinking of summer internships is right now.

According to, “The best time to begin your search for an internship is autumn of the previous year, around the time most universities hold their career fairs.”

Companies tend to receive the bulk of their internship applications from late February to early April and may keep looking until late May. Doing your best to be ahead of their schedule will better your chances of getting an internship opportunity.

With the help of Career Services and faculty in your department, begin the networking process with your professors and research internships that interest you. Though these resources are here to make your search easier, it is your effort that can make or break opportunities.

Older and bigger companies generally fill their internships the fastest. These companies typically have the foresight to establish internship programs. If you’re seeking an internship with a large company, you should be just as organized, if not more.

On the other hand, younger corporations follow schedules that may not match up with the posting dates of other companies. It is best to carefully look into each internship of interest, instead of blanketing the market. Personalizing your application materials after thorough research of each company is a good start.

Unlike academic work, there is no standard that companies are required to follow when it comes to internship schedules. If you feel like you may have missed your chance at the internship you were looking for, keep an eye out. There may be another chance if the company does not meet its quota.

Also, there is no need to remain local. If you are having trouble finding local internships, then expand the scope of your search and look to other nearby cities until you find something that interests you. There may be an opportunity you overlooked.

If your dream internship is not available this time around, do not give up. The most important thing about internships is building job experience. Find any internship that interests you and pursue it. You may have another chance at your first-choice internship in the future.

Having trouble deciding on what career path you would like to choose for your internship? Visiting Career Services will help you. The career staff are trained to assist students with one-on-one career counseling, career and personality testing, resume critiques, mock interviews and social media guidance.

Keep these things in mind and balance your time wisely as you search. If you spend too much time looking into your first choice, you may miss out on other good opportunities readily available to you.

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