Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Compiled from University Police Reports

Public Indecency in front of Library

On August 24, a student reported that unknown white male exposed his genitals as the student was passing the library. The white male described as approximately 5’6” brown hair with a buzz style haircut and chubby in stature, pulled down his gym shorts, exposed and fondled his genitals. The offender had a beard and mustache. He was wearing red and black gym shorts and a black t-shirt. The offender was seen running towards the rec center after exposing himself and was not found.

Disorderly conduct

On Aug. 17, Officer Sironen and Gubko were dispatched to the Rec. Center over a disturbance by a disorderly person. A student was requesting access to the Rec. Center without her Pirate Card for the third day in the row. The Rec. Center will only allow a one time entrance without a Pirate Card. The offender explained she was having financial troubles at the time and could not afford to replace her Pirate Card. The complainant, a Rec. Center employee, explained that the offender threatened to stab him with a pen. Two eye-witnesses validated this claim. About an hour later, the offender came to the police station and apologized for her behavior and explained she is planning on visiting the Counseling Center for her anger issues.

Attempted break-in

On Aug. 10, Officer McNamara responded to a call from Coach Condon in Rec. Center about an attempted burglary of a TV. Cordon’s assistant and one of his players noticed a metal cover on the lounge door to the girl’s locker room had been pried open and the doorknob was damaged. Coach Condon noticed the 55 inch black TV was taken off the wall and sitting in a chair. A black male approximately 6 ft. tall wearing a tie dye tank top and khaki shorts had been spotted in the lobby at the time of the incident. He left in a black SUV. At the scene, there was also a 1 ⅜ drill bit that might have been used to remove the TV.

Underage drinking

Officer Cobb responded to loud noises coming from a Compass Point room while doing his final rounds with the RAs on Aug. 16. He knocked on the door and a student answered while holding a “Pabst Blue Ribbon” beer can in his hand. Cobb then asked to see his ID and realized the student was underage. Two other students were in the apartment but were not under the influence. Cobb and the RAs disposed of the alcohol.

Ipad theft

On August 23, Officer Robert Gubko was dispatched to MCC room 215 about a theft report. A student union worker reported 7 Ipads missing- 5 regular and 2 were IPad AR. The IPads were numbered 1 through 4, and 6 through 8. The numbers are on each of the IPads on the front of the cases. All were encased in black cases. The worker stated that the office was going to get with the IT department about the property tag numbers.
Vandalism in Terrace

On August 29, Officer Tracy Braun arrived at University Terrace for a vandalism complaint. Officer Braun observed black writing on the outside door frame of an apartment. A resident of the apartment stated that  she entered the apartment around midnight and didn’t see any writing on the doorframe. Another resident stated she noticed the writing as she was exiting the apartment at approximately 7 a.m. The only people one of the residents could think of who’d use the term “brothers” are the Mormon Missionaries her sister sent to the residence. A request for facility services to address this issue was filed.

Stolen backpack

On Aug. 16, a student reported a stolen green backpack while at the Lane Library. The student was sitting at one of the computers at the back of the library and hung his backpack on the chair. After coming back from the restroom, he noticed his backpack was gone. He asked the library employees if anyone had returned it but no one had. Inside was a $250 microbiology textbook, a $60 lab manual, and medicinal prescription. The student had to officially file a crime report with the school before he could replace his prescription.

Broken Car Window

On August 30, Officer Robert Gubko was dispatched to the parking lot of Annex II about a broken vehicle window. The student had parked her car in the parking lot at 9 a.m. for class and returned to a broken window. Nothing was missing from the vehicle that she could recall.

Vandalized tail light

On August 21, Officer Robert Gubko received a call about a theft in residential parking lot number 2. A student stated that she left her vehicle in the parking lot on Friday August 19th and when she returned to the vehicle on August 21 the passenger rear tail light was broken and hanging on by the wires. The taillight that was hanging had a sticky residue around it like someone had it taped to the vehicle. Officer Gubko checked the vehicle and did not find any sticky residue on the vehicle. It appears that unknown person(s) removed the taillight because it was in better condition than theirs. Nothing follows.

Stolen Laptop

On August 19, a professor called to make a report about a laptop computer that was stolen from his lab. The laptop was taken from Armstrong Center room 240, which is always locked and secured. The professor described the laptop as an old air book, white in color that he had rebuilt to use for computer presentations. The laptop was last seen secured in room 240 on Wednesday August 17, 2016.

Stolen decals

On Aug. 11, the Thursday before school was in session, an Armstrong decal was stolen off a vehicle. On Aug. 17, another Armstrong decal was stolen off a different vehicle.

Hit and Run

A possible hit and run occurred on Aug. 15 in the Sports Center parking lot. The victim parked his car at approximately 9:35 a.m. and returned at 12:20 p.m. to damages on both doors of the driver’s side. White paint was visible on the damaged site. Officer Bashlor responded to the call and issued a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) for a white car with possible dents and silver paint transfer.