CAMPUS VOICES: Do you plan on voting in the upcoming election?


Rhema Francis, Sophomore Biology



“I’m not voting because I have a North Carolina ID. I didn’t know that I needed a Georgia license to register.”

Shasta Hall, Sophomore Criminal Justice


Yes. This election is important. You have to vote between the lesser of two evils right now who won’t hurt you as bad in the long run.



Jordan Lodge, Sophomore Mathematics

“I already did. I filled out an absentee ballot. It was nice because I could sit with my laptop and double check who and what I was voting for. Plus I’m four hours away from home.”

20161101_184530 (1).jpg
Wade Mallory, Freshman Business Economics

“Yeah, I feel like the president really makes or breaks the country. And if we have a bad one, it could screw us over.”

Lila Miller, Senior English

“Yes. I’m voting for Hillary because I don’t want my p**** to be grabbed by anyone but myself.”