Every third Thursday is for vinyl lovers at Foxy Loxy Cafe

Taylor Surine, Staff Writer

Vinyl Night Poster at Foxy Loxy Cafe. Jan 20, 2017. Photo by Taylor Surine.

Foxy Loxy Café hosted the year’s first Vinyl Appreciation Night Thursday, Jan. 19. Attendees were encouraged to bring their own records to share with the crowd while a pop-up shop by Graveface Records and Curiosities allowed customers to begin or grow their own vinyl collections.

Beginning at Muse Arts Warehouse, Vinyl Appreciation Night has been around for at least six years. Foxy Loxy manager Jose Rey was involved with Vinyl Night at Muse and was able to bring the event to Foxy just three years ago. The event has taken place nearly every month since.

Getting involved and supporting the event was easy and fun for Rey. He says, “I had always collected records and ended up getting my own turntables. I was slowly building it up so I could help out with some things. Then some people moved away so I ended up taking it over.”

During the winter months, Foxy Loxy Café usually opts out of hosting events in their courtyard due to the colder weather, however, this year’s unusually warm climate allowed for this evening to be, according to Rey, “an exceptionally good night” for both attendance and participation.

“We’ve brought Graveface in as a sponsor and it helps a lot. It kind of just fills things out more. We have a lot people running individual things which helps it run a little bit more smoothly.”

Rey encourages everyone to get involved, stating, “A lot of people are intimidated by it, but it’s pretty easy. I always say it’s like open mic night for the turntables. You just sign up and bring your records. We show you how to run the set up. It’s pretty simple.”

Mike Fahey of Graveface Records commented that,  “A lot of people here are crazy about vinyl. I enjoy the people and the atmosphere. It’s something you don’t get everywhere. Plus, there’s good food and good coffee.”

He added that the purpose of the event and desire for Graveface to become a sponsor was to “try and curate vinyl appreciation” among Savannah’s locals.

Vinyl Appreciation Night is held every third Thursday of the month. Bring your vinyl records and share your taste in music with your neighbors. Some of the most popular events held at Foxy Loxy Café are those that are located in the calming atmosphere of the courtyard. These also include Comedy Nights every third Friday and Acoustic Tuesdays. For more information on other events coming up at Foxy Loxy Café, visit their website at foxyloxycafe.com/events/ or simply stop in at 1919 Bull Street.