campusvoice1We don’t have one but this is my five year old new year resolution that we work out everyday. Except Saturday and Sunday, I havent missed a day. I restarted it this year.

Dhruvi Patel,
freshman engineering major




campusvoiceIt’s basic. It was just to be a better person. And also… I don’t think I’d call this a resolution, but get better grades. It was mainly to be a better person. I think I have been.

Taveyus Randolph, junior psychology major




campusvoice3My resolution was to maintain a healthy romantic relationship and I haven’t torpedoed it yet.
Lila Miller, senior professional communications major





campusvoice2Eat better and be able to love myself a little more this year. Heavy weight training is coming along slowly but surely. Slow and steady wins the race.
Ryan Merica, senior music major