Do you have Valentine’s Day plans? What are your thoughts on the holiday?

campusv7Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday because it’s full of love and happiness and pink and purple. It doesn’t have to be about romance, it can be for your family and friends. You love a lot of people whether you realize it or not.

Brandy Hall freshman health science



campusv4I love Valentine’s Day. I’m going with my boyfriend Lamar to Atlanta. We’re going to the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta zoo and World of Coke. Maybe a helicopter ride.

Jacob Boney senior public health





I don’t have plans with anyone because I’m single. But I do plan on treating myself by getting a pedicure and dinner.

Shybria Moore senior secondary science education





campusv5It’s single awareness day.

Matthew Carter sophomore IT major





campusv3I plan on dating someone right after Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of overrated- you should do stuff for your significant other every day.

Jacob Miranda freshman cyber security




campusv2I think that day, because it’s the day to do grand gestures, you should do it. Make that special someone know you care. Don’t just let the opportunity pass by because it’s an excuse to say what’s been on your mind this whole time.

Brett Marchand freshman theater




campusv6I hope I get chocolate.

Pauline Duong sophomore business econ





campusv8I’m a hopeless romantic in a long distance relationship- you tell me.

Lila Miller senior professional communications