Creepin’ on Craigslist


The seminars will take place at the Biological Sciences building in room 1109.

Ride or Die means forever – m4w

Trust is everything until you lose respect. When you let someone sacrifice everything for you then you walk away to take care of “yourself” that’s ironically fucked up. There is ALWAYS a way if the love is real and apparently it wasn’t. You experience different types of pain all through life but letting your walls down only to be stabbed in the heart…..that’s the type wound that never heals.


Hug a stranger in downtown – m4w

I had just finished my meal outside the restaurant and you walked up to me to talk. You sensed there was something and you felt like you needed to tell me a few things. Your touch and hug made me feel better than I have felt in such a long time. I felt a connection to you, and I want to talk more. Please let me know you weren’t just an angel.

Cutest Dimples in Savannah – w4m

I stepped on your shoes on the way to the bathroom on St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos, and I don’t know if it was the beer or the jello shots, but your smile had me SHOOK. I don’t even care if I creeped you out by grabbing your arm when we ran into each other at a different bar a couple hours later (don’t ask me what it was called, I was hammered), I just wanted to see your stupid cute dimples again.

I’m pretty sure you have wavy brown hair and brown eyes, too, and you might have been wearing a grey sweater (and refusing to dance with me in a conga line). I was wearing a green shirt and hooped earrings, and kept asking questions I didn’t really care about the answer to (like your name and what college you went to).

So, yeah, if you’re ever drunk off your ass in Savannah again, hit me up and we’ll make out by the ice machine outside.

Saw you on Montgomery this morning – m4m

I was driving my car and stopped at the stoplight on Montgomery and Oglethorpe. You were with a girl and you’re so fucking cute. You had on overalls, it was around 11am, and you are extremely pretty. I couldn’t help but stare and I’m pretty sure you saw me. I think I might have audibly said “wow.” My car is white. Lets me know if you are interested.


Dropped off – m4m

Picked u up in Wilmington isl 3/30 Thursday took u to Congress street to meet your group of girlfriends for a party. Me black driver. Let’s communicate tell me the type celebration you were attending with that bruised nose lol