Welcome Back Armstrong Students!

Welcome Back Armstrong Students!

Taylor Surine, News Editor 

Welcome_Tents (1)
Armstrong gear at Week of Welcome tent by Science Center (PR photo).

Up until August 19th, Armstrong’s office of Student Affairs is offering food, games, and block parties during the “Weekend of Welcome” to help incoming freshmen become acclimated to campus life at Armstrong. Armstrong plans to keep its students entertained with various events that will be organized throughout the school year.

Inkwell’s Editor-in-Chief, Kayla Rand, admires Armstrong’s busy campus.“Many people will advocate for the numerous activities to participate on campus, which are very beneficial to freshmen, but there will always be a need of a getaway – from school, work, and life.” She encourages new students to “Utilize Armstrong’s 268 acres to escape the stress of freshmen transition.”

Besides the abundant amount of greenspace, Armstrong offers delicious food choices that are available for students.

It’s definitely a good idea to show up to the Galley, Wild Cafe and Wingery, and Quizno’s before everyone else if you want to get to class on time, especially for the first week of the semester.

If you haven’t purchased your books yet, check out the library to see if your teacher has their required course materials on reserve. Students are allowed to make copies of the materials, which can be used at home.  This option can save you money by avoiding to buy any books at all.

There are numerous study spots around campus. Most buildings have a computer lab of some sort that are free to use.  

The Learning Commons has computers, couches, and study rooms with whiteboards that are perfect for group-study, but because of its popularity, it can be a bit noisy.

Lane Library is the perfect destination for a relaxed environment as the second floor is known for its quietness.

Sophomore Paige Clendenens enjoys the convenient WEPA printers that can be found around campus. “They are everywhere, usually in every hall…and are pretty nifty.” Most students are not aware that print money is automatically added to your Pirate Card at the beginning of each semester. You can print from any of the WEPA locations in black and white or color.

If you find yourself standing in line waiting for coffee at The Perk in the Student Union, head over to The Patio Cafe in University Hall. They sell Starbuck’s coffee and it is likely the line is much shorter. You can also use your dining dollars to save you some cash.

However, if you are a coffee lover and enjoy the free things in life, go to the Writing Center for a free cup of joe. The Writing Center is in 123 Gamble Hall and offers free coffee and tutoring for Armstrong Students.

With the variety of amenities on campus, there are limitless opportunities to take the stress out of school.  The Inkwell staff would like to wish everyone a great first week of school and a smooth transition into fall classes this semester! We hope these tips provide guidance for our fellow Pirates.