Playstation Vs. Xbox… Fight!

Erinn Williams

Erinn Williams

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Both Playstation and Xbox offers great features that are relative to the players’s desires. Photo by: Microsoft Website

Isabelle Kovacs, News Editor

The feud between Sony’s Playstation system and Microsoft’s Xbox system has been consistently going on in the gaming world for more than a decade. Working at GameStop, I am always confronted with the question: “Should I get a Playstation 4 or an Xbox One?”

While both systems are unique in their own way, the Xbox One does have some features that are more impressive than Sony’s system has to offer.

For co-op playing, Microsoft’s Xbox excels with a wide variety of games that can be played with more than one person. Sony lags in this area, with only a handful of games that offer offline co-op play.

Unique to the Xbox One, as well, is you can find backwards compatible games – unlike Sony, which requires you to purchase new games specific to the newest console.

For some gamers, Xbox is superior to Playstation because of these restricted features.

“I like Xbox more than Playstation because of its exclusives,” says junior business major, Addison Chapman, “Games like the Halo and Gears of War franchises that are only available on Xbox are what keep me buying Microsoft.”

However, these features fall short and aren’t enough for me to give up my PS4 for an Xbox One.

One small, yet crucial feature of the Playstation 4 that I prefer is the style of the controller. Its slim, light feel fits perfectly in my hands, and, somehow, makes the gameplay better. The chunkiness of the XB1 controller makes it hard for me to control and takes away from the actual gameplay itself.

As for the gameplay, I just simply prefer Playstation. Co-op is not an important feature for me, and I prefer playing by myself anyway. Plus, I prefer playstation exclusives more, such as the Uncharted series and the new Crash Bandicoot game. Sony also values their independence in comparison to Microsoft, whose exclusives can be played on PC as well.

From a pricing standpoint, the systems come fairly close – GameStop in the Savannah mall has preowned PS4s starting at around $250, while preowned Xbox Ones start around $220.  Both systems also require some form of online account, so there is no way of avoiding that extra cost.

In my opinion, the feature that makes the Playstation worth time is the fully functional Virtual Reality (VR) system. While there are few games for it currently, popular games such as Skyrim, Doom, Walking Dead are in the process of being released. VR is the future of gaming, and I commend Sony for developing such an advanced system before Microsoft.

In the battle between Playstation and Xbox, Microsoft can be considered KO’d!

For more information on the systems, prices, etc., you can visit or visit your local Gamestop, located in both the Savannah and Oglethorpe mall.