Wild ‘N Out Brings Comedy to Armstrong

By Ethan Smith, Sports Editor


On Friday Feb. 23, Wild ‘N Out came to the GSU-Armstrong campus presenting comedy and laughs to all the attending students in the Fine Arts Hall Auditorium.

For those of you not familiar with Wild ‘N Out, it is a comedy show hosted by Nick Cannon on MTV where celebrities and nonentities play at comedy and rap games to outscore each other. However, the Wild’ N Out event at Armstrong was more of a stand-up comedy routine than anything that you would see on the actual show.

The comedians that hosted the event, three of which being regulars on the MTV show, gave students very different comedic perspectives on different topics ranging from safe sex to the newest marvel movie, “Black Panther” and even messed with individual students on occasion.

Bdaht, Karlous Miller and Darren “Big Baby” Brand were the three major acts while Tyler Chronicles and Burpie also showcased their comedic talents. Sadly, Chico Bean, who was advertised for the event, was not able to attend due to another show in St. Louis running at the same time as the GSU-Armstrong event.

The number of students that attended the event was great. The event started around 7:30pm but the line was out the door an hour beforehand. The entire Fine Arts Hall was packed and everyone inside seemed to enjoy the show from beginning to end. The cast members commented, “They [the students] were awesome. For real, they were a real live crowd. Everyone that was there had a real great time and were very receptive and enjoyed everybody, even though we had the bad news that Bean [Chico Bean] couldn’t make it, they took that real well. Overall, they were great.”

Each comedian who came out got the same ecstatic ovation, which seemed surprise the comedians. In the eyes of comedians, an energetic crowd is favorable because it makes their job easier; And as such, the comedians constantly thanked the crowd for their receptive attitude.  

After the show, the cast enthusiastically expressed that they would return to Armstrong if given the opportunity.  “Yes, yes of course. Great energy, great crowd, line was all the way out the doors before we even started. Crowd had a lot of fun, lots of laughing throughout the whole night man, it was super dope. Absolutely we would come back. By the way the racoons in the back were cool too.”

The cast members of “Wild ‘N Out” also confirmed that an eleventh season of their show will be airing soon.

CUB, also known as your Campus Union Board, deserves the credit for putting on an amazing show. Here at the Inkwell we’d like to thank CUB for their cooperation with allowing us to cover the event as well as take pictures and interview the cast.

The show was amazing and there should be more coming soon, so keep an eye out. “Bring Chico back!”