You Asked, We Answered: The Inkwell

By Ethan Smith, Sports Editor


Hello Armstrong campus students. You asked and commented and we have  answered. There has been a lot of chaos surrounding the merger and the future of the Inkwell and Armstrong as a whole. The Inkwell comes out every Thursday at stands around campus as well as on for digital users. We have a brand new Twitter account, @InkwellGSU along with our Instagram, theinkwell35 and our Facebook, The Inkwell. Below are some responses and questions regarding some important topics surrounding the Inkwell:

Is there an app that I can access? We currently do not have one, but we do have a presence on various social media platforms, theinkwell35 on Instagram, @InkwellGSU on Twitter and The Inkwell on Facebook. We are working on possibly getting an app in the near future.

Can clubs/organizations send info and pictures to the Inkwell? Absolutely! We are working on more student involvement, so we encourage them to send us info and pictures for their events all the time.

Will there be inspirational quotes for students? We are all about motivation, so we would encourage students to send in their own to share with us.

How does one join the Inkwell? You can email any of our editors, with their emails being on every issue. We have a weekly writers meeting every Wednesday at 12:30pm in MCC 202 to present our stories that our editors need covered for the week. We also have a board on our door where you can leave your information and one of our editors can contact you as soon as possible. We are always looking for writers and photographers and we encourage anyone that wants to write to do so for the Inkwell.

What interesting topics will the Inkwell cover next Fall? Our editors come up with stories weekly and are always looking for current or new writers to cover them. With lack of writers, topics are slim, so bring your open minds to us. Photographers can also submit cool photo stories as well.

Maybe more student interviews? We plan on adding more student profiles next semester, as we realize that we lacked them throughout the Spring. Student profiles influence students to see themselves in the paper, which will influence their friends to do so as well. Student profiles are definitely on the docket for the Fall.

Would like to see more coverage on Education… This brings up an intriguing topic that we have discussed. We would like to feature a specific major every week and get some good feedback on how they enjoy their specific major. This was something we’ve brought up and that we plan on possibly adding next fall.

Could you guys include comics, poetry, short stories, etc.? Wish granted! As you’ll see in this issue, it is National Poetry Month and we included poetry done by some of our students here on campus. As for comics and short stories, we plan on having an entire section dedicated for student created comics and short stories and poetry and other creative work. This feedback, knowing students want it, actually gives us the opportunity to make it reality.

Will the Inkwell stay true to Armstrong culture? The Inkwell will always remain an outlet for this campus for years to come. The Pirates have gone, but the heart of the Armstrong State Pirates, which included the Inkwell, will always be there. So yes, we will stay true to Armstrong’s culture and the students who still love that culture.

Horoscopes? Horoscopes are always fun for a large majority of college populations, so we are definitely pushing to add a horoscope section. It would most likely share a section with poetry and short stories, but horoscopes are indeed on the docket for the Fall of 2018. We encourage student horoscopes as well.

Good picture quality. Thank you. Laura Weyman appreciates it.

The Inkwell is Awesome! We appreciate all of our readers and we are open to anything our student body has to over.

We need a Star Wars section. We don’t want to force it.

Please keep the Inkwell. It’s staying, don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere.

We appreciate all of your questions and comments. If you have anymore questions or comments, contact us through Writers Meetings, again 12:30 pm on Wednesdays in MCC 202, or on our social media. Again, theinkwell35 on Instagram, @InkwellGSU on Twitter and The Inkwell on Facebook. We look to keep everyone on campus informed and involved. Be sure to pick up a new issue of The Inkwell on Thursdays at kiosks on campus, as well as online at