Celebrating Women this Friday

Lila Miller, A&E Editor

International Women’s Day is being celebrated locally across Georgia Southern at Statesboro and Armstrong campuses this Friday. This International Women’s Day event is being orchestrated by Dr. Jane Rago who sponsors Armstrong’s Feminists United club.

This year’s event is a read in at both campuses from professors, staff and students. The read-in offers speakers an opportunity to share their own creative work, read excerpts from books and more in regards to celebrating International Women’s Day.

Planned Parenthood’s new campus chapter “Generation Action” will also be helping with the event as they help empower and educate women. Promotions Officer, Samantha Thayer explained her passion for the new chapter,

Women’s rights to their bodies are human rights and should be treated as such. Especially in the case of reproductive health[sic]. Planned Parenthood is important to me and women because it seeks to protect women’s rights to their bodies! They provide care to all—and help those who need reproductive care, especially those who would be unable to seek care due to certain circumstances, for example, income, insurance, etc. Women do have a voice and they need to be heard—this is something we’ve fought for since the beginning of time. International women’s day is important to me because it gives women a chance to join together to speak up. That’s what it’s about. Women joining together as one powerful voice to let the world hear them roar,” she said.

The International Women’s Day Celebration Read-In will take place Friday March 6 at the Student Union from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. If you would like to share a story about an inspiring woman or yourself, please email Dr. Jane Rago at jrago@georgiasouthern.edu