The Board of Regents Approved Resolution to Increase In-person Instruction

By Rebecca Munday, Editor

The Board of Regents (BOR) approved a resolution on Oct. 13 at their monthly meeting that would allow for the expansion of safe in-person instruction in the coming semesters. 

“Each campus is to maximize safe in-person instruction; ensure hybrid instruction includes a vast majority of in-person interactive instruction where appropriate and safe,” the resolution read in part. 

The Board wants students to know what type of instruction the class will be taught with before they register. They want schools to “collect data on the effectiveness of student engagement and face to face interaction with their instructors.” 

This resolution is an effort to support the students, who attend schools in the University System of Georgia (USG), in their academic success as well as aid the schools themselves as they continue to return to in-person instruction. Additionally, the decision was made to help increase each student’s mental health and well-being. 

When the George-Anne’s editor-in-chief, Andy Cole, tweeted a screenshot of the resolution on Oct. 13, students replied with questions about what this would mean for the future of the academic career. 

“Does this mean there will be a plan to sanitize classrooms?” @BookwormBerry asked. 

“Does the BOR know the statistics on mental health problems and suicide at their universities? Have they looked to see how remote learning affects these?” @SilknLinen asked.

Currently,  this story is ongoing, but The George-Anne Inkwell will keep Armstrong updated as more information is known.