Album Review: Good News


Alexis Hampton, Managing Editor

Hot Girls…the time has come. Megan Thee Stallion has finally released her debut album. The mixtapes have been top tier thus far, and Fever is definitely a tough act to follow, but as Meg grows in her career, she provides her fans with more to look forward to. Meg’s album “Good News” is her attempt at giving the world something positive during such a rough year. Meg announced the album on November 12 and released teasers and promotional photos leading up to the official release. When the album dropped on November 20th, it made waves. Within the first 24 hours, the album hit number 1 on iTunes, the first track “Shots Fired” was number 1 in all genres, and the #BodyOdyChallenge went viral after the release of her music video. Currently, the album is number 1 on Spotify and rising on the Billboard Hot 100. But what do I think?


1. Shots Fired

Meg went OFF on this one! She said what needed to be said. She gave what needed to be given. This is absolutely a track firing back and Tory Lanez and her ex-friend Kelsey, who both released diss track following the drama of Megan getting shot. It’s a 90’s style diss in that it is all rap. There are no gimmicks, no hook, no chorus, just bars and she ate them up.

Best line: The whole song…


2. Circles

This is the new getting ready to go out with the girls anthem. We’ve had Nice for What and Act Up in the past. Now it’s time for Circles. It has a really motivational sound and it’s very upbeat with a high-pitched up tempo sample of Circles by Jazmine Sullivan. Even though it’s a confidence booster, it touches on the struggles that Megan has gone through in her personal life and her music career, It shows versatility, which is what makes it such a masterpiece.

Best line: Bullet wounds, backstabs, mama died, still sad / At war with myself, in my head, b****, it’s Baghdad


3. Cry Baby (ft. DaBaby)

Well this isn’t a family song…that’s for sure. It’s very on brand for Megan and DaBaby to do a song together, especially one like this. It’s definitely a bop. If you’re not shy, you can blast it in your car with the windows down, but if you’re bashful and a little more lowkey, headphones are a must. This song is absolutely NSFW.

Best line: If her friends ain’t around to record it, she bend over, shake that lil’ a** in the mirror


4. Do It On The Tip (ft. City Girls)

This song is in true Megan fashion. And to do this song with the City Girls? It’s the perfect match for a song like this. The title says a lot about the song and what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained. This would be a good hype song if you’re getting ready for a “sneaky link”.

Best line: They don’t go against me, they gon’ go bar for bar? / I’ma get ’em in the end like Simba did Scar


5. Sugar Baby

Since the pandemic started, I’ve noticed an influx of interest in the art of being a sugar baby. This song was timed perfectly. This song is the embodiment of Meg as an artist. She makes music for people (especially women) to feel good about themselves no matter what they do or how other people try to make them feel. It’s no ballad, but it does send a message and I am here for it.

Best line: Buy me everything in my cart if you my boyfriend


6. Movie (ft. Lil Durk)

This is one of those infectious songs. It’s not the best the first time you hear it, but if they play it on the radio enough, you’ll find yourself singing it. Next thing you know, it’s your favorite song. OR…you start off really liking it, but then it gets overplayed, so you end up hating it. Either way, it’s easy listening. You can put it on while you’re cooking and still bob your head without getting too distracted.

Best line: The only L I hold got that V right there next to it


7. Freaky Girls (ft. SZA)

This is the collab that everybody was looking forward to, and let me say…it did NOT disappoint. This song slaps. SZA’s voice adds a lot to the vibe of the song and since Juicy J produced it, the beat is top tier.

Best line: Why would I lie and say I wanna be your only one? / Knowin’ that I’m young and gettin’ to the money, havin’ fun


8. Body

I know you’ve heard it already, but you can’t deny that this one is a hit. She made it a single, and rightfully so. Aside from the other singles that she released early (Girls in the Hood and Savage Remix) this is one of the best songs on the album.

Best line: Any h** got beef from years ago is beefing by herself 


9. This song goes hard. Easily my favorite on the album. Before the words even come in, you’ll be bobbing your head. When she starts rapping….automatic stank face. She didn’t have to eat this one up the way she did. 

Best line: The entire chorus


10. Work That

I’m calling it now…this is going to be the song of the summer next year. It just has that vibe. She switched the flow so many times, it’s impossible to get bored with this song. And she topped it off with some vocals in the chorus, which she doesn’t do very often.

Best line: Bounce it biggity, she not lit as me / No Nicole, but are you kidding me?


11. Intercourse (ft. Mustard and Popcaan)

This song is a completely different vibe for her. It has a Latin Pop type feel to it. It’s very much a “wind your waist” kind of song. We don’t see a ton of cultural exploration in Megan’s discography so this is new, but she executed it really well. I think it was a good thing for her to step out the way she did with this song. 

Best line: Baby, I can take the trip with or without ya / Been a fly b**** way before I found you


12. Go Crazy (ft. Big Sean and 2 Chainz

Great song, questionable features. Big Sean did what he had to do. 2 Chainz’ verse was lacking a little but. Overall, I feel like she could’ve done this song by herself. It probably would’ve hit harder if she had. Not a bad song though, just not super high on my list.

Best line: Now how many besties done upped and left me? / Who claimed they my dawg and just my pet peeves


13. Don’t Rock Me To Sleep

Love the 80’s workout jam vibe on this one. Also….SHE SINGS THE ENTIRE TIME!!! She really tapped into her vocal abilities on this one and I am living for it. The chorus is repeated 4 times, which is a bit overwhelming, but it’s still a really cute song. If she does a remix, Ariana Grande would be perfect for it.

Best line: Why I feel like I gotta share you with the city? / You don’t even make a b**** feel like she pretty


14. Outside

The vibe of this song is immaculate. It’s an easy listen. It’s not so much a star song or single quality. It feels like more of a filler song, but it is still pretty good.

Best line: Baby, can you tell me have you ever heard of polygamy? / It’s only me and you, but I got many personalities


15. Savage Remix (ft. Beyonce)

AMAZING! There’s not much to say about it besides that…

Best line: All of it…


16. Girls in the Hood

We can’t deny that this song slaps. It dominated the charts and our eardrums when she first released it, which makes sense considering how bomb the song is. Need I say more?

Best line: A little to graphic…but you know the one


17. Don’t Stop (ft. Young Thug)

Honestly, the video for this song is better than the actual song. I wouldn’t really listen to this song outside of watching the video. It is a good song, but there are others on the album that are better. It is a fun song to dance to though. And if you’re ever walking somewhere and you need a confidence boost…this song does the job.

Best line: I mean my body so out of this world / Change my at name to ASTROGIRL


Overall, I’d say she did what she had to do on this album. For it to be her debut album, I can only imagine what bangers are to come in the future. I appreciate what she did with the title “Good News” amidst all that’s been going on this year. For that, I think the album is going to continue to do well on the charts and she has some real chart toppers that she should drop as singles.