Powerpoint Party Ideas


Jenna Wiley, Editor-in-Chief

The PowerPoint night is one of the only good things to come out of quarantine. Since then, it has blown up on every platform for its hilarious and entertaining topics. A thrilling PowerPoint presentation is the perfect way to spice up a night-in and add some flavor to your fun! We’ve all seen viral TikToks of the self-deprecating yet hilarious PowerPoint categories and texted in our group chat.

Then the time comes to find that killer topic and your mind is annoyingly blank. Depending on the mood of your night, there are several different categories to choose from. Your idea needs to be original and relatable to your group and surprising enough to stand out.  


Recasting your friends as High School Musical Characters

Every friend group has a Taylor Mckessie and a Sharpay Evans. The world just wouldn’t be the same without them. Whether or not you were a basketball jock or theatre kid, this topic will always be a hit on a PowerPoint night. You can’t mess with the classics. 


Celebrity lookalikes

If you can nail this topic, you’re guaranteed to come out on top of PowerPoint night. There is nothing more satisfying or hilarious than putting the pieces together that your friend looks exactly like Buford from Phineas and Ferb. Celebrities don’t have to be people: cartoons are up for grabs too. Let’s use this as an opportunity to establish some lasting comparisons and inside jokes people.


Who’d you cast in a live action Shrek

If you’re looking for a more comedic take on presentation night, look no further. Not only is Shrek a funny category in itself, but casting a live action movie with no restraints on who you choose is the recipe for a winning topic. Don’t limit yourself by thinking the Shrek cast is the only option. Some honorable mentions are Ratatouille, Madagascar or Ice Age.


Disney characters who you wouldn’t let hold your drink at a party

To be frank, while Disney is mystical and magical, it is filled with supporting role creeps. Off the top of your head, you could probably name five to 10 Disney characters that come off a little sketchy. For example, even though the Baboon from The Lion King doesn’t give off creep vibes, he’s still too off his rocker to be trusted with any form of edible substance. Now activate that Disney+ account and comb through those childhood classics.


Rating your friends drunk snacks

The night is coming to an end, and you leave the bar and walk toward your fridge. When the moment strikes, different foods call to different people. Spicy Cheetos are the only thing that’ll make the night right for some. For others, it’s pizza rolls and a bag of Skittles.